Thursday, October 07, 2010

Comment on Facebook | Walid Phares
"tells Imus “The Taliban ideal..”"

Facebook | Walid Phares tells Imus "how not to act American, or Vice Versa" (Read the article by Julie Kanfer): "“The Taliban ideal is to continue these attacks on both sides of the border, in Pakistan and inside Afghanistan, until we decide to leave unilaterally,” he said, referring to the U.S. “But they may also send messages to the Kabul government saying, ‘If you ask the Americans to withdraw, we may have a chance to talk with you.’ But eventually, they don’t want Karazai. They want to take over the government, reestablish their own regime.”

Karzai is talking to the Taliban because the Obama crew have been so feckless and inconsistent and dishonest across so many issues, both in and out of AFPAK, that he believes that he has to cut a deal with anyone other than the Americans.

If I was in Karzai's shoes and I got Richard Holbrooke sent to arrange my ouster and the Americans were talking to the Taliban and the Americans were letting the Iranians get atomic weapons, and the Americans were doing everything to eliminate their own military credibility and their financial prestige and power, then I would look for other friends.

It surprises me that Karzai hasn't already asked the Chinese to move a couple of PLA divisions into Kabul. Look at what China is already doing. They are building a road across Kashmir. They are buying up mineral resources in both Afghanistan and Iran. They are establishing a chain of naval bases, including one in Pakistan and developing the capacity to challenge the US Navy's aircraft carriers.

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