Sunday, October 24, 2010

Comment on PJM, Ed Driscoll »
But Obama’s Science Czar Said This Was a
Good Thing

Ed Driscoll » But Obama’s Science Czar Said This Was a Good Thing

Carbon the Ultimate Post-Space Age Element. It's a deodorant and a floor polisher. It will build life and kill you. Just shut up and send money. You are sure to get what you need sometimes, or at least what you deserve.

Con men depend on fast turnover. Once they hang around to long the mark figures out the game. Global Warming is past its shelf life. Global cooling has already been done. The important thing about the Alarmists cause of the day is that it can't be provable within the time allotted using legitimate science. Whatever it is is not important, it is like the Maltese Falcon, what Hitchcock called the MacGuffin, it only exits to be chased and generate money.

Another problem the grifters have is that not only their devices but their players hang around to long. Thanks to new media old scams and old scammers like Al Gore don't get off stage. This can be used against the perpetrators of fraud. The exposure of the incredible bulks that are Mr Gore and his house make subsequent alarms less convincing. To an extent however this persistence can also be a feature desired by the Left. Even debunked stories can be trotted out in the last ditch barrage before an election. Grandma in Florida and her not as bright as she thinks daughter in Illinois both remember that the evil Republicans lied about WMD and the whole war was a fake or something. Those funny people on TV said so.

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