Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Mark Steyn: He Who Must Not Be Linked

Ed Driscoll » Mark Steyn: He Who Must Not Be Linked

Mr Steyn is a Canadian citizen, or is it subject? He lodges however on American soil, as does his blog. Linking to his blog is linking to a business located in the United States. Is it possible that Richard Warman by attempting to prevent Canadians from linking to Mr Steyn is violating a treaty between the governments of Canada and the United States? If Mr Warman can prevent those in the Great North from doing business with a person or business located in the Sunny South, or Vermont then all sorts of mischief may be possible. Consider if some person decided that Canadian forestry practices did not meet all the standards and regulations that are imposed on American companies. They could sue to restrict access to products produced up yonder. That would put the New York Times out of business in short order. Despite that it is probably a bad idea. Just as the US Constitution took away the power of States, or citizens within a State, to interfere with trade between States nations sign treaties to regulate international trade.

A phone call from the US Trade Consul may be in order.

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