Sunday, November 07, 2010

Comment on: It's All Politics : NPR:
Obama Urges Bipartisanship, Not Gridlock

Obama Urges Bipartisanship, Not Gridlock : It's All Politics : NPR

The official line from NPR is that if the Republicans do not fold then Obama gets to be Harry Truman. Obama will get more than bipartisanship now. He will get an alliance of Socialcons, Paleocons, Libertarian Fiscalcons, & National Security Neocons. That is quadpartisan reaching out, all to dismantle Socialism.

The Democrats will be focused on dividing the Republican alliance. They will devote far more energy to that than to disrupting the alliance between the enemies who are killing Americans and the jihadis support network among the Chinese, Russians, Sunni and Shi'a.

My fear is that Obama will find fertile ground to exploit in the differences between the Isolationist Paleocons and the Internationalist Neocons. If the Democrats push for Defense cuts and ending DADT they may split off the Libertarian/Isolationist wing of the Republicans. That will build suspicion among the Neocons, who suspect the Paleos of anti-Semitism and will see Israel being left to the wolves. Obama could then attempt to rebuild an alliance among Liberals, Europhle Internationalists, Global Traders and some Jews, think Lieberman Democrats and Republican equivalents, seeking to buy security guarantees with domestic welfare.

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