Monday, November 01, 2010

Comment on Althouse:
Obama: "We’re gonna punish our enemies..."

Althouse: Obama: "We’re gonna punish our enemies..."

Richard Nixon was a complicated man. He was arguably a much nicer person than Barack Obama. Nixon was the man who went out to the Lincoln Memorial to meet the protesters because he cared about them as fellow Americans. He was the man who as a young law student carried a disabled student up the staircase every day. He was the wounded soul whose mother was a saint. Nixon's fear and anger were directed inward at himself while he sought approval from others. Obama seeks approval from within and directs his anger out. He is the more disturbed and dangerous person. See "A Man in Full" or "Nixon: A psychobiography" or the UCSB transcript after the press conference. Oliver Stone did worse than savage Richard Nixon. He got it wrong.

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