Monday, November 08, 2010

Comment on The Sun:
Yob shown being floored by ex-soldier threatens Sun

Yob shown being floored by ex-soldier threatens Sun | The Sun |News

As an American I am astonished at the restrictions that an honest man is under in the UK. This person committed Trespass and then Assault. In America we would have;
1. ordered him off
2. called the police
3. used force to defend ourselves
4. given the persistent and real threat, used a weapon
5. counted on our neighbors to come to our aid
6. known the police would probably support us
7. in the unlikely event we were arrested for defending our home known the Prosecutor would dismiss or the Grand Jury return No True Bill or the Trial Jury would acquit.
8. Then the honest citizen would sue the felon and his family.

Come on Cousins we freely admit you did the heavy lifting in WW-I and fought for years without us in WW-II. Why are you letting these bums shove you around? This is not a call for vigilantism but a belief that the law comes from free people. Remember when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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