Monday, November 22, 2010

Comment on - Hit & Run:
Richard Epstein on Barack Obama,
his former Chicago Law Colleague:
Reason Magazine Richard Epstein on Barack Obama, his former Chicago Law Colleague - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Epstein has pushed as hard against the official line regarding Obama as a member of the Chicago faculty can. Obama was hired as an Adjunct directly by Geoffrey Stone, who was Dean of the Law School and later Provost of the University. When Stone stepped down from that position Obama's somewhat unusual connection with the school ended, although his wife's continued. Both had been hired, she as first an Administrator in the office of the Dean of The College and then at the Medical Center where her salary tripled when he was elected to the Senate, at the behest of University Trustee Penny Pritzker. The school went to great lengths during the 2008 campaign to endorse Obama as if he was a real faculty member, even though he never went through a faculty hiring review or participated in the intellectual life of the University.

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