Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newsflash: Sex Sells

EUROPE IN CRISIS: Sudden Financial Emergency Strikes EU Zone UPDATE: Götterdämmerung? : The Other McCain

Robert S. McCain has the linked valuable blog post on the European Financial Crisis. Frustrated that such efforts at journalism on important topics do not draw traffic he sent out the link with the following memorable tweet, "HOLY COW! @Alyssa_Milano NUDE!"

This is not a new phenomenon. The framing plot device for the 55 year old movie, and 58 year old play, "The Seven Year Itch" was the fantasies of Tom Ewell as a man trapped in New York over the Summer by a job inventing racy titles and covers for dull serious books that otherwise would not get sold. "Of Man and the Unconscious", by Dr. Ludwig Brubaker becomes "Of Sex and Violence." It probably sold like hotcakes. Even an alluring cover though is unlikely to get it actually read. How many people have actually read Mr McCain's post and thought about Soros and the PIIGS?

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