Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comment on Claire Berlinski, Facebook
wasn't going to rabbit on about the TSA anymore...

Facebook | I wasn't going to...

Perhaps we can come with a bureaucratic answer that squares the circle. Have all troops being transported undergo a mandatory 2 hour class on aviation security and then deputize them as military aids to the Federal Air Marshal program, with said status valid for only 72 hours. Some special waiver under posse comitatus would have to be arranged but if the lawyers get creative they should be able to think their way out of this box.

Once when I was running a TSA checkpoint I met a soldier who had to come back in to the secure area to retrieve his orders he had left on the plane after flying back from Iraq. He dropped his backpack in my office after saying "You probably don't want to test that for explosives. I used to carry my claymore mines in it." I ordered everyone who had been near him to bathe in alcohol once he was gone or we would have melted the Explosives Trace Detectors every time we tested a passenger's property.

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