Monday, November 08, 2010

Comment on - Yahoo! News, AP:
Chirac to be tried in 2nd corruption case

Chirac to be tried in 2nd corruption case - Yahoo! News
AFP: Chirac to be tried on corruption charges

This is important. Not only does it help pry the lid off of the culture of corruption in Europe, which is a good thing, but it will hopefully provide synergy for the efforts of the Republicans to expose Democratic Party corruption in America. Chirac was not only corrupt as Mayor of Paris, what he will go on trial for, but as President of the Republic he and his odious henchman de Villepan participated in the Elf Aquitaine profiteering from the Oil for Food program that was used by Saddam Hussein to corrupt the United Nations. The links that run from through the Chirac scandals tie in to many issues. It can be traced to the seven month delay in the UN of America's campaign in Iraq and the dispersal of WMD stocks. It ties in to the refusal by Turkey, under French pressure, of rights for the 4th Infantry Division to enter that country and launch the planned Northern offensive. That resulted in many lost American lives, the seeds of insurgency, and the removal of Turkey from the American orbit and the collapse of the Turkish - Israeli alliance. There are also links through Chirac to the Chinese promulgated, via Maurice Strong and Al Gore, Climate Change fraud. That has lead to tens or hundreds billions of dollars of waste and fraud as well as increased coercive regulation, the decline of freedom and lost opportunities due to misallocated resources or economic decline. Finally there may be other ties that can be explored between Chirac and Soros and the currency and financial manipulations that are behind so many current problems.

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