Monday, November 08, 2010

Comment on, Robert Costa:
The Corner - National Review Online:
Palin to Bernanke: ‘Cease and Desist’

Palin to Bernanke: ‘Cease and Desist’ - By Robert Costa - The Corner - National Review Online

Prosecutors in Europe have developed the habit of threatening anyone anywhere who they happen to disagree with. They claim some injury to someone under their jurisdiction, or they claim to be acting ex cathedra on behalf of some universal right. We are hopefully outraged by that overreaching. We should however consider that there are times when a local prosecutor should act to defend his people from a rapacious outsider.

The Constitution providers immunity for Congressman for their speech in the Chamber and their persons in transit. The law cannot provide the Functionary greater security then the Master. For lawful conduct in an official capacity a government agent can claim sovereign immunity. That should protect them from harassment by a private citizen. It should not make them immune from prosecution for misconduct.

It would please me if a State District Attorney in Ohio or Louisiana convened a Grand Jury and pursued Helicopter Ben Bernacke. He and Timothy Geithner, whose career should have ended with the Asian financial implosion 1997 although you would not know it from looking at his wiki page, are responsible for destroying real wealth and causing both real suffering now and making the nation vulnerable to foreign enemies.

The new Congress will have to focus on a set of goals. Among these should be determining the truth of what caused the financial crisis of September 2008 and whether there have been any improprieties in the response or subsequent actions of government officials. Another important area to investigate would be the degree of voter fraud in America and how it has impacted on elections. The hearings should be interesting. You may want to invest in popcorn futures.

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