Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Happy Birthday, Pajamas Media

Roger L. Simon » Happy Birthday, Pajamas Media

Congratulations and many more to come.

One story that IMHO you should take this occasion to document is that of those "creative differences" and the departure of Charles Johnson. A venture like PJM has always had several sometimes synergistic problems to deal with.

1. Managing income, it is a business and as you noted times are hard.

2. Managing sources, maintaining standards and motivating writers who hold themselves to high standards in what is a demanding and unremunerative position while hostile rivals are circling to exploit any error is a leadership function.

3. Managing readers, keeping the public enthused and eager to build the community while guarding against moby trolls, agents provocateur, and lunatics is also an unending task akin to tending a garden.

All three tasks, and especially the third, are impacted by how you manage the technology and the human interface. My impression is that was what CJ originally brought to the table was a technical skill set that promised to jump start PJM. LGF is his hand crafted child with an interface far richer in what it offers the user than the Wordpress based format that PJM uses. LGF displays a depth and attention to detail in how it interacts with the user that are a tribute to the self taught skills and obsession of its founder. If the tools that had been built there had become more widely distributed across the Blogosphere then the world would be a richer place. Unfortunately that was all tied to the person and personality of Mr Johnson. He brought little else to the table except the possibility that he could serve as a critic of music and personally powered transportation devices. His base of commentators must have been a tempting audience to build on, although CJ proved unwilling to share.

Perhaps you can take this opportunity to share more on this part of the history of PJM.

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