Saturday, November 06, 2010

Comment on The New York Sun:
The Palin Platform

The Palin Platform - November 5, 2010 - The New York Sun

The State of Arizona does not have a right to create it's own immigration policy but the law being attacked by the Executive branch with the support of foreign governments does no such thing. It merely provides for Arizona authorities to enforce the laws passed by Congress. As noted above every officer of the State, like every officer of the Federal government, is under oath to support the Constitution. Incorporating Federal law into the State is the opposite of Nullification. The Constitutional issue remains the refusal of the Administration to perform its duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed.

Further the states of Arizona and Texas, and possibly also several more, are under real physical assault from Mexico. Today a college campus in Texas was closed because of gunfire from Mexico. Sometimes this takes the form of actual intrusion by members of the Mexican military or police forces who have been corrupted by drug traffickers. Thousands of armed foreigners enter our country and create zones where the government has had to warn lawful citizens not to enter in their own country. That constitutes an invasion and every state is specifically authorized to protect itself from invasion. The federal government is obligated under the Constitution to come to the aid of any state when the executive of that state declares that it is under invasion or facing an insurrection.

The failure of the Obama administration to act where the Constitution mandates that they act is a dereliction of duty. The assertion of the Obama administration and the Congressional Democrats of powers to act beyond those that can be countenanced under the Commerce Clause, such as in Health Care and Carbon regulation, is also a violation of their constitutional oaths.

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