Saturday, November 13, 2010

Comment on J.C. Bowman's Facebook:
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Mr Bowman warned of bullying and harassment after "defriending" someone offensive.

My use of a nome de plume has drawbacks. For one thing it may seem pretentious since I am not really someone important. (small interruption while crushing a small country) No seriously there are benefits to not self censoring, although I do not in fact say much that is on the edge and I find extremist shouting off putting. Add to that the fact that the Innertubes are crawling with lunatics and stalkers and I am amazed that we do not hear of more harassment. It all works better than I expect.

Now I feel stuck. If I posted under my real name of Gotbucks then I would have to try and scrub some offhand statement from God knows when that might embarrass me. So for now I must either stay as I am or start an entirely new presence as my real self, Lord Ghozer of Carpathia. Nah someone out there uses that name, seriously I've seen it.

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