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Who do you want in your foxhole?

(fm the BC thread "Give My Regards to Broadway")

Habu is either gone or hiding under false flags but his brethren are striving to hold the flag for him. Yesterday there was a brave rally by many against whiskey's lame one note war on women, although I thought the outraged distaff voice was a little strident also. Today, while I was risking heat stroke to earn a buck, the defense of race loyalty brigades were out again. Wretchard has tried to refute them, as have L3, Starling, Dr Irons and others but they are fortified by their tone deafness. RWE and Subatoi demonstrate how to take a strong realist position without degenerating into hate speech that can put the Club in jeopardy.

My choice is not to role in the mud with them but I do think it needs to be made clear that whiskey has absorbed the entire Islamist mindset regarding men and women and violence, as do his defenders. The only difference I can find between whiskey and al-Zahari etc may be in aesthetics. If whiskey wears a burlap suit he is in.

To those who claim that anyone not lining up with the Baruch Goldsteins and the Tim McVeighs are really pansy apologists for the enemy, I say, well there is I presume a lady present. Militias and the 2nd Amendment do exist as a doomsday provision but they in no zero nada way replace or repudiate the legitimate organs of government.

If the Islamists attack the US I demand the US responds, not lone vigilantes hunting anybody with a beard and their shirt tails out. If the US ever isolates, coerces or expels people of a given ancestry or faith that may or may not be a good or terrible idea but it it is done as an act of the government that depends on the consent of the governed then it may be legitimate. Until after the US ceases to exist there is no excuse for some guy in a chat room or blog comment thread to say that it is ok to go hunting as a private citizen.

"Youknowwho" said "No one does wrong who participates in creating pressure on Islam." That is the kind of talk that needs to be challenged as soon as it is uttered. It is exactly the same as the Leftists who said "No enemy to the left." There is right and there is wrong and I will not allow someone to say they can do wrong in my name just because they claim to share my skin tone. The Islamists say they can do anything in the name of the Ummah because there can be no disagreement within the Ummah. Those who want that kind of submission to a vision that justifies unending violence and is entirely trapped within its own circle of arbitrary and self serving excuses would be better off joining the House of Islam.

There are people here who are serious professionals who know violence, how to organize it apply it and survive it. If the day comes I hope I get to serve with them, and I hope and will work to see that day does not come. Those are serious sober people who I can trust and whose trust I would want to earn. Violence enthusiasts, who are not the same as military or law enforcement professionals or experienced hunters, but to my ear more resemble people in extended adolescence, are undisciplined threats to any unit they join. If that dreaded day comes and somebody shows up who was calling back in April of 2010 or earlier for people to go off hunting like Baruch Goldstein did then I will stop that person from joining my community by any means necessary.

To the one who finds my posts to prolix I regret the turgidity of my prose. If a set of one line repartees are what you are seeking may I recommend one of many chat rooms that have not built a reputation for thoughtful analysis as our host has achieved here. If the strain of typing is to much then I would think that the corner bar could offer a warm place for those seeking only to curse our evil days to the approval of old associates and strangers. Here hopefully we consider specific simple questions. Those include; What is wrong, Why it is wrong, and How if at all it might be made better? Perhaps instead of just asking for reassurance that the End is Nigh you might contribute to these simple efforts, and correct my prose.

Papa Ray,
I see a world of difference between saying "No one who criticizes the double standards that have been exploited to weaken the west and advance the cause of the Islamists is totally wrong" and saying "No one does wrong who participates in creating pressure ..." The second is a blank check, you do not know if it will be used to excuse violence. Even the former is questionable, it is possible that someone will criticize in terms that you do not approve of. I am always careful about giving a stranger the ability to use and abuse my good name. My point here is to try and make a divide between, well really you and others who I generally agree with on many but not all issues, and those who I fear are using our concern over one threat to our Constitutional freedoms to advance interests that are in fact also repugnant to that same Constitutional order. You speak often and movingly of how you teach your family about our history and the liberty our system nurtures. We need more people doing that and honestly we need to do it in a way that will reassure and not alienate the majority of the people whose country this is as much as it is mine or yours.

On the narrow issue I hope that if you consider the quote that I reacted to you will conclude that I may not have been to sensitive. On the larger issue we do need to create a space for criticizing the oppression, deceit and violence that accompanies Islamism in a manner that exalts and does not disparage our greatest asset, our heritage of freedom. We need to reject despair and renew our strength.

Thank you for the information about the oil rig.

(who equated blank checks" with victory in WW-II)
Not insulted at all. Nothing I have said would hold against the standards that prevailed in WW-II. It is that level of clarity that I am hoping we restore. Remember that I am the guy who wanted to level Fallujah. I want our country united and supporting the Constitution, against all enemies. We do not even give the POTUS a completely blank check but we sure do give him a lot of rope and we need to get someone in there who will not use the rope to hang us. Most of this school-yard fighting is ridiculous because most regulars here now well that those accusing me of being some lefty troll are often recent arrivals and the ones unclear about what our conservative values really mean. The only way to stop racism is to stop racism. That includes the entire racist spoils apparatus set up by the Left. When people who claim to be conservatives talk the way whiskey does about race they are playing the Left's game, they have internalized it. Similarly when people who claim to be conservatives reduce human beings to helpless automatons in some sexual pin ball game they buy into the Left's paradigm. It is a mug's game to go that way. Sure it was interesting and entertaining to consider once or twice in passing but it is what Weber called Marxism, an "iron cage."

Keeping people motivated for the Long War and educating the people about our heritage and how rare and precious it is, as we must do each day as if it is a new discovery, in terms that include and enthuse the vast majority of Americans and avoid resorting to the easy emotional bonds of race baiting, and most generalized as opposed to specific religious criticism will be worse than useless because it will be seen as effectively self serving or biased, no matter how unfair that is, will be incredibly hard but still essential. That isn't my record for a run on sentence but I was pushing it and having fun.

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