Monday, May 10, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Going Postal"

First out of the gate with an OT but a related one, I saw this on Twitter;
Benigno Aquino III takes lead in Philippine presidential elections - Philippine Inquirer

Perhaps our host can comment on the attraction of celebrity and hereditary candidates in 3rd world enclaves, like until recently Boston. Are the Bush boys analogous to the Kennedys? Why or why not?

Having worked polling stations and possibly looking at getting into the election management business full time, knock on wood, I think no one should be allowed to vote without producing a valid government issued secure ID. No absentee ballot should be accepted without a thumbprint from the voter and another from any person who assisted. The Democrats over the last decade have broken out in pursuit of shameless vote fraud to a degree they would have previously avoided in public. Particularly notable are the fraudulent elections of Christine Gregoire in the state of Washington and Al Franken in Minnesota. Motor Voter will mean the end of any pretense of constitutional government in America.

“Somebody had already voted for me,” said Georgia Ireland.

Gives new meaning to the old phrase “Vote for me.”

Bangladeshi means Moslem. Bengali can mean Moslem or Hindu.

(who noted Davey's gift for vote buying)
Davey Crockett had an absentee record in Congress unmatched until Adam Clayton Powell.

(who noted recent immigrants to the UK come from the East)
That is what puzzles me. I can understand Labour pulling in immigrants from Pakistan and Jamaica to change the demographics and build a compliant electorate but why would they want or the Conservatives object to Eastern Europeans? I would think that a couple of million people with first hand experience with Socialism would be a bracing tonic to the UK. On the other hand I understand that nostalgia for the DDR is on the rise in Germany so this may be a measure of the human capacity to forget.

(Who linked to a report on Mullah Omar)
Confirmation and a 48 hour rule needed.

buddy larsen,
Thank you, I had forgotten about Obama's role for Acorn in the 1995 Illinois Motor Voter case. The only other time I know of that he briefly appeared as a lawyer was also for Acorn when they sued Bank of America to force them to issue sub-prime mortgages. The only other job, 'Community Organizing' does not count, I think he ever held was for a few months after college when he worked for a news clipping service. He inflated that during his 2008 campaign and I recall some mention that a coworker dryly noted that at his level he did not need to wear shoes.

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