Sunday, May 16, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Means and Ends"

Brussels has advanced from feeding off of the wealth of Africa to feeding off of the wealth of Europe.

In the military the job of the non-commissioned officers is to tell the troops what to do. The job of the commissioned officers is to communicate, preferably not just with words, that someone knows why they are doing it. That does not apply to the aviation side, where junior officers almost never talk to the troops. They do however talk to each other with their hands doing vector simulations.

My suspicion is that senior and mid-level military officers have watched the series of program cancellations and the divulging of our nuclear stockpile secrets by this administration and they are now hunkered down in survival mode. The military is now going through something far worse that what happened to them during the post Vietnam draw-down or the Carter years. It is closer I think to what happened to the CIA after the Church disembowelment.

Regarding your last quote from Heart of Darkness; the evocation of "eloquence" uprooted from morality, devoid of the humility that comes from real collegial learning, and used solely to satisfy the impulses of the Ego. To me that sounds like Obama.

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