Monday, May 03, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Aye, Robot"

My first reaction is that seeing this and knowing that it can and still is happening in America made me think that if Michelle Obama does not say that this is enough to make her proud of America, just because she does not identify with the nerdy white guy in the picture, then she is a bigoted idiot.

Robots lack Free Will, that is why they can not be citizens enjoying the same Civil Rights as the rest of us. The same bar applies to most pets "animal companions" and livestock. Their problem is that they are in the deepest sense slaves. If someone made a concerted effort to prove that Cetaceans are both sentient and possessed of Free Will then I could contemplate the purpose of proposing a porpoise for POTUS. Free Willy for his Free Will.

Linked at Theo Spark's,
The rise of the robo-fighters: Britain's new pilotless air force.

we have to make them 30 ft tall and put artillery on them

It has/will be done.

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