Friday, May 21, 2010

Vole Power

(fm the BC thread "I Feel Like I Owe It To Someone")

South African newspaper publishes a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad complaining his followers lack a sense of humor

Here is the direct link;
Uproar over M&G Prophet Muhammad cartoon - Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source:

While the council pleaded with the judge not to throw the case out on technical grounds, she answered that "as a judge and as a Muslim I am bound by our constitution and the rules of our courts".

Earlier, the judge made a decision to not recuse herself, saying her own religious background wouldn't influence her.

Violent backlash
The Council of Muslim Theologians is the same organisation that succeeded in preventing the Sunday Times in 2006 from republishing the controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet.

During Thursday's application the council repeatedly raised the spectre of a violent backlash, saying that the timing of the cartoon was bad because of a possible threat to the Soccer World Cup.

It added that while it wouldn't advocate violence, it couldn't necessarily guarantee that there wouldn't be any.

"We very much saw that as a threat, and our counsel vigorously objected," said Dawes. The judge upheld the objection.

Mole Upstaged by Vole
A rat would have shown more professional courtesy.

Once the power of the market takes over the ability of control freaks to shape the debate deteriorates. They respond by attempting to restrict the scope of human activity. That is why totalitarians induce poverty as a feature, not a bug. This explains the backwardness and failure not only of the former Soviet Union but also of the Moslem Ummah. The dynamism and complexity of humanity are beyond the capacity of any individuals or collective to comprehend and control. This is despite the fact that people do have built in flaws that can be temporarily exploited.

My hope is that once the meme of ridiculing the pretensions of the self appointed elites is spread it will be impossible to stop. Genies can not be stuffed back into bottles. Let us hope that within a few months students will be wearing Mo-toons t-shirts and "The vole not the mole" will go viral.

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