Sunday, May 23, 2010

Columbia Needs Help

About 33 years ago John Coatsworth, now the head of Columbia's School of International Studies, was my Latin American Civ Instructor at Chicago. He was an open communist then, espoused professional standards in scholarship, and treated me with courtesy. My reason for mentioning this is that under Coatsworth Columbia's International Studies program has become a venue for promoting left wing and Islamist positions that are increasingly openly anti-Semitic. For example in addition to hosting the conference discussed at the link he also sponsored and hosted Iran's Ahmadinejehad.

My fear is that the Islamists may feel that they are at their high water mark and the tide is turning against them. If that is so then they may become reckless or even desperate in their efforts to force through efforts to control and intimidate other voices. I hope that everyone working on a campus stays safe.

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