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Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Where the Old Flotilla Lay"

Belmont Club » Where the Old Flotilla Lay

the third are the unintended consequences of President Obama’s diplomacy

Nothing is "unintended." For B. Hussein O. the destruction of Israel is a goal.

makes the Jewish state that much more paranoid

It is not paranoid when you recognize a real enemy who is determined to kill you.

Israel is at war. It faces an existential threat. Retreat, compromise or even surrender would do nothing to change the goals sought by the Salafists and Khomeinists who control the Ummah. Therefor they must undertake certain steps in the short run to control the tactical situation and additional steps to defeat the Ummah over time. Immediate steps for Israel to take include;

1. tit for tat or asymmetric response to any provocation by incrementally emptying Gaza using my "squeezing the tooth-paste tube" method,

2. the elimination of the Ba'athist regime in Syria by the destruction of the Alawite strongholds.
A long term plan to defeat the Ummah and remove its grip on not just Israel but the entire Western community would include the following;

1. a widespread campaign to eliminate politicians, spokesmen and financiers who support the Ummah,

2. when car bombs go off outside of terror cells in Western cities, such as Milan, then those cities will cease to be safe havens for terrorists, so initiate a campaign using the methods of the jihadis against them and their supporters globally that could utilize their own factional disputes so that they eliminate each other and hosts are motivated to expel them,

3. the development of technologies that free both Israel and other countries from dependence on Ummah controlled energy sources.

Finally Israel needs to institute the prepositioning of 200 nuclear devices, some small within Western cities and some larger within Islamic regions, in secure shielded locations from which they could eliminate a large section of the Ummah under the Sampson option and make clear that the costs to others of assisting in the destruction of Israel would be unacceptable. Let Putin tear the Moscow subways and sewers apart looking for the bomb before he sends a box of zippo lighters to Iran.

Israel cannot permanently sustain rotating diesel submarines with a 50 day mission window to Iran when their fleet is so small. They need more submarines and they need submarines with greater endurance. In the meantime they need to place MRBMs on converted Merchant ships who can loiter in the Arabian Gulf between Diego Garcia and the Straits of Hormuz.

There is one part of the Gaza flotilla ploy as a propaganda device at this time that we can be grateful for. It makes clear how there is a linkage between the goals and methods of both the antisemitic efforts of supporters of the Ummah, who were heard shouting "khaybar khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad Sawfa Ya’ud" from the ships off Gaza, and the methods and goals of the Open Borders supporters of La Raza who are marching against Arizona. The two movements may share operational links through Iranian agents operating with Chavez and a known Hezbollah presence in Northern Mexico.

Israeli prime minister's office says he's canceling White House visit to deal with Gaza crisis - AP

Some of the Hamas ships were flying the Turkish flag. Will the Turkish government now attempt to invoke the Nato Treaty, only previously used in response to the attack on America on 9-11? Will Obama use this fig leaf to set up a confrontation between US forces and Israel? Susan Powers has been itching for this for years. What will US UK FR or IT military do?

16. ADE,
Thank you.

24. Rosinante,
The moose is loose

60. geoffgo,
neutron bomb

We can assume that such devices can be scaled from 0.02 kt to 200 kt, constrained by the increased difficulty of transporting and assembling a larger device and depending on the nature of the target. Similarly devices can be designed either to deliver a set effect when constructed or be dialed at activation to deliver their energy at a chosen point on a curve of neutron yield or thermal effects.

111. Bob,
Be careful with your phrasing, or you may be having a conversation with the Secret Service.

I am generally careful not to engage in statements of posturing or advocacy in here, partly because that is my preference and partly because of an awareness that those who indulge in such talk are putting the forum at risk. That occasionally makes me seem stiff or even a scold, so if I did transgress it would be proper to correct me. In this case I believe that a fair reading would indicate that I am not advocating an act of unlawful violence against any American, that already puts me ahead of our government, but rather using my educated yet unclassified skills to speculate as to how a country facing an existential threat may see itself compelled to act. That should not earn me an interview as a Person of Interest from the USSS but could ideally earn me an interview for a job with DIA or CIA.

115. Aqua,
Welcome, wish our genial host's Tocque system was back up. That deserved thumbs up and clip and save status.

For those who suggested that there are non-lethal means to disable a small merchant ship's screws I agree and think that the ideal solution for the Israelis would be to disable such vessels within tow distance of Cyprus or simply ensure that they sink at the pier.

For those who are urging the Israelis to organize relief expeditions for the Kurds or other oppressed minorities it makes a difference if their homeland is landlocked. Geography is harsh.

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