Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Gorgon's Stare"

When the Spanish government reflexively blamed the Madrid train bombing on the Basques the people reacted with revulsion at their self serving incompetence and threw them out. Unfortunately that let in the Socialists who promptly surrendered to the Islamists. The Republicans should beat Holder like a drum for trying to link this to opposition to the Health Care Bill and smear the Tea Party movement. Everyone like Robert Dreyfus who has advanced such a position should be held up to public contempt and ridicule until they are driven off the public stage and forced to earn their bread by changing oil at Jiffy Lube.

Jesse Jackson once referred to New York as "Hymie Town." Holder is from New York but his contempt for the city and his sense of grievance against Jews and Whites, I list them separately because Black racists have internalized the racial map of the KKK, is palpable. The bigotry that was allowed to fester within the urban black community was deemed as harmless, with the hope that education and social integration people like Barack Hussain Obama, Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson would serve as examples of success and leaders for other members of the Black community. Over time it was hoped that the destructive effects of internalized prejudice would be reduced to an attribute of a shrinking subset. Three things worked against that;
1. the mechanism and psychological grip of bigotry is not well understood,
2. the sense of victimology and isolation was encouraged by Left wing
3. the memes of grievance and eternal struggle against the Jews resonated with those of Islam like vibrations transmitted by a tuning fork. The encounter of the radicalized elements of the American Black community with with a resurgent Islamist movement fueled by oil money moved both from the margins within their societies to prominence.

Can this cat be walked back? To do so will require the defeat and repudiation of the Islamists, Salafist or Khomeinist, within the repudiation of the Socialists controlling the education system within the West. Bush started the process of forcing a conversation within the Arab Islamic community. That painful process may bare fruit over time. The process of regaining control over the domestic educational system that perpetuated the ideologies and prejudices of Obama, Holder and Robinson may prove equally or more difficult. The demonstrable failure of the products of the Socialist racial spoils project when in office, combined with the public exposure of another shibboleth of the Left in the Global Warming fraud, may help efforts to reassert control over academia.

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