Saturday, May 08, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Trouble With Tulips"


Barney Franks assertion that he is morally superior to the wisdom of the crowd and therefor entitled to extract resources and reallocate them through as opaque and shoddy and certain to be corrupt mechanism as Fannie Mae is a disconnect from reality of monumental proportions that Franks only can get away with because people have been conditioned not to challenge the level of his pretension and the motivation for his hypocritical assertion of perceptive virtue in aiding others when he is really feeding his own sense of power and undermining the stability of the larger system for reasons that remain unspoken. It is his sexual dysfunction. Barney Franks placed his unqualified boyfriend in Fannie Mae to profit from looting the place. Barney Franks is the same Member of Congress who had a male prostitute operating out of his Washington DC residence.

Straight white men can be arrogant and corrupt but they get stopped. What the insanity of PC has done is created categories who cannot be corrected, whose motives cannot be questioned, when they engage in garden variety abuse.

Proposed; an Amendment:
No benefit shall be granted except by funds appropriated by Congress and raised from a tax or tariff. Any monies collected in a user fee shall be be used to maintain the service that collects said fee. Any fines penalties or tribute collected shall be expended on maintaining the armed forces and the judiciary.


Isn't a semicolon just a comma with a Press Agent?

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