Friday, May 07, 2010

Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory

If the Lib-Dems and Labour stitch together a coalition after both were repudiated in this election then they will ride into the maelstrom of fiscal, social, and strategic insolvency that the policies of the Left have advanced for decades. Why would they want it? Why shouldn't we cheer them on to disaster? For two reasons in both the UK and the US.

First there is real damage done. Lives are blighted. People die. Assets are wasted and opportunities lost.

Second are the systemic changes imposed to ensure future control by the Left, despite their record of disaster. In America that will include immigration reform and Puerto Rican statehood. In the UK that will take the form of "Electoral Reform." The replacement of the First Past the Post system will lead to Proportional Representation. It may be done incrementally but that will be the price for Lib-Dem support in a coalition. That will permanently cripple the Westminister system and ensure that the radical fringes will grow at the expense of the moderates.

If the Tories get to form a government and promise, and then deliver, a referendum on the EU they can set the stage for a clear majority in a follow on election within a year. They may need to spin off Scotland but the revival that they could oversee if extricated from the EU debacle might make that unnecessary. Can the Conservatives get the support now to force Brown and Clegg out of Downing Street?

The SNP selling themselves to Labour is bad. The Tories have 306. That should be enough to form a government with the minor parties backing on votes of confidence. If they deal with the Lib-Dems they lose. If they deliver a referendum on the EU they win a general election. Why is this hard for Cameron to see?

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