Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Comments on The Jerusalem Post:
Crisis between Israel, Russia averted

Crisis between Israel, Russia averted

The detention of the Israeli airplane is an example of the abuse and thuggery that are rife in any society that spent over 3 generations under socialism. The heritage of authoritarianism and a strong native element of antisemitic culture are part of the mix but this does not mean that it is official policy to be especially abusive towards Jews. It is unofficial policy to be abusive towards everyone.

Russia is a 3rd world country with an authoritarian legacy made worse by modern totalitarianism. In this they resemble the Islamic areas of the Middle East. Their release of the plane following the strong action of the Israeli Airport Authority shows the truth in Osama bin Laden's statement that people will follow a "strong horse" and the foolishness of Barack Obama's weak 'reset' policy.

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