Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Comment on PJM, Ed Driscoll:
"Rahm: ‘Take Your F***ing Tampon Out’"

1. Dick Cheney dressed down his social equal, he did not abuse a staffer.
2. A few months ago I met someone who said that 30 years ago young Rahm and his mother occasionally visited his house outside Chicago and they were both embarrassingly foul mouthed.
3. My guess is that if a staffer dismantled Emanuel a little, without there being a threat to the person of the POTUS, the Secret Service would respond with all deliberate speed.

The Republicans should grow a pair and buy billboards and radio and video time, anything to break the censorship the Democratic Media try to impose, to get out the story and weld into the public mind the fact that the Democratic Party is to be judged by Obama and Obama is to be judged by the insulting, incompetent, juvenile, abusive, disturbed, corrupt, hateful people he associates with. They should be unable to enter a restaurant. They should all become unemployable.

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