Saturday, May 22, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"One Track Mind"

James Garner is one of the best actors of the post WW-II era but he made some duds. Still Tank may interest some as a curiosity.

At one time most Americans could drive a tractor and if you could do that then you could drive a tank. At one time Americans learned to drive on Model-T Fords with a pin instead of a gas peddle. They were guaranteed to break down every couple of hundred miles but anybody could learn to fix them with simple tools. That made us a nation of engineers. In theory in extremis the militia could operate and repair the tools of the military. Now systems are so complicated and the populace are so unskilled that even the armed forces can't repair their equipment. They have to send parts back for repair by civilian specialists while critical assets are rendered non-combat ready.

What is the best reason to do something like own a tank? Knowing that there are people who do such things gives the readership of The Nation ulcers.

Does it take bio-diesel so I can get a tax credit?

Not so much takes as gives. The thing was designed to turn Nazis into compost. That deserves credit in my book.

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