Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Comment on The Telegraph:
How David Cameron was outflanked as he prepared to enter No 10

How David Cameron was outflanked as he prepared to enter No 10 - Telegraph

The best way to break the threat of Proportional Representation is to increase the number of seats in the Commons.

The Conservatives should demand another election and run on a platform of a 1000 seat Parliament. They should also spin Scotland off.

(also from Daniel Hannan's FaceBook page and his Telegraph blog)

The way to avoid the problems of under represented views and gerrymandering is to increase the number of seats and reduce the number of people in each district. Why should Parliament be held to 650 seats?
There are two ways to fix the problem in the Commons;
1. double the size of the House of Commons,
2. either spin Scotland off completely or transfer most legislative power, except for defense and foreign policy and trade, to 4 or 5 regional assemblies within England.

If this happens, OK with a 3rd step of getting free of the EU, then England will take off under free market friendly leadership.

(related comment on the BC thread "Going Postal")

Kinuachdrach ,
(who defended a Lib-Dem Labour coalition)
The cure for gerrymandering in the US or UK is to increase the number of seats. The answer is not a move to a Proportional Representation system. If the Scots were spun off and the English had 1000 constituencies then the result would be a solid majority for the Conservatives. Alternatively I could see dividing England into four or five regions. With five it is unlikely that one in the South-West would vote for the Lib-Dems but one in the North might vote for Labour. The introduction of a strong Tory government would probably reduce the hold of Labour over London over time. If the Union Parliament was retained free of the interference of the EU and the current over representation of Scotland was corrected then with all social and most tax policies devolved to regional assemblies the ability of Labour and the Lib-Dems to hold the nation to ransom would be ended.

Forced to stand on its own Scotland would soon have to back off of the socialist follies that have squandered the oil wealth. They had dreamed of leveraging that similar to the way that Putin has tried to use the energy based wealth of Russia to extract political concessions from Europe. The failure of the Scots would serve as a lesson to others facing resource based blackmail. Sean Connery might be pleased as a backer of the Scottish Nationalists.

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