Friday, February 25, 2011

On Thomas Sowell, National Review Online:
Voices of Moderation

Voices of Moderation - Thomas Sowell - National Review Online

Moderation is important. Just listen to Butch explain the importance of fighting according to the Rules. Moderation can be useful, if it means demonstrating both decisiveness and judgment.

A moderate Leader displays an inner calm that inspires confidence and comes from convictions that are not threatened by a willingness to examine new evidence. A true moderate deals with issues as they arrive and plans ahead as time and resources permit. It is moderate to prioritize and not sacrifice essential assets in a slavish devotion to narrow goals. It is not moderate to allow your opponent to define the terms of a debate. That unfortunately is what the Democrats mean by Moderation. They want to restrict what the Republicans can talk about. Most political activity by the Left displays techniques learned in High School and never outgrown. All their complicated arguments can usually be reduced to just two words, "Shut up."

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