Monday, February 07, 2011

Comment on David Webb's Facebook:
Why does Fox & Friends...?

Why does Fox &...

Why does Fox & Friends go to Dick Armey for tea party movement reaction? Which tea party did he actually found and runs?
Armey wears a funny hat so that makes him an expert on quirky and colorful political eccentrics. Most journalists covered a rally while in school or as an intern and they learned to head straight for the guy dressed as Uncle Sam or carrying a weird sign. They look for the midpoint between the really scary guy and the earnest but dull majority. Combine that with Insider bias and Armey has a lock on the populist Republican franchise. That is as opposed to the intellectual fringe slot that goes to Gingrich. Newt could lose that if he becomes a credible candidate and thus a threat. Armey benefits by having no expectation of a political future. If he is honest regarding why he is being used then he could do the job credibly, since he is a fairly bright guy. Huckabee would get the populist face job but he works for Fox, so most media won't touch him.

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