Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Comment on Urban Infidel:
Exclusive Video Interview with Michael Scheuer

Urban Infidel: Exclusive Video Interview with Michael Scheuer

Congratulations on the best interview with Scheuer that I have heard. For what it is worth I am very proud of you and hope that you get more opportunities in journalism.

My take is that he draws an artificial distinction between Jews and Christians because of his personal antipathy. This warps his otherwise reasonable analysis. Scheuer has a personal history that affects his agenda. He was demoted before the 9-11 attack.

He could under the logic of his exposition support Israel if Israel did act more aggressively to support threatened minority communities in the region, such as the native Christians of Bethlehem whose basilica was desecrated by the Palestinians.

The effort of Israel to assume that role reached its high water mark with the first invasion of Lebanon and the putative alliance with the Christians. The failure to respond to the Syrian regime's assassination of the Lebanese President at that time, a failure under American pressure, has lead to many problems.

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