Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comments on Doug Heye,
The Corner, National Review Online:
Democrats, Media Keep ‘Birther’ Story Alive

Democrats, Media Keep ‘Birther’ Story Alive - By Doug Heye - The Corner - National Review Online

Abe Froman has this right. If asked I would reply "Are you a journalist or a procurer for Obama?" My guess is that the birther story was created by Axelrod and Clinton's people swallowed it. My question is what are they trying to hide by making all this noise? My guess on that is his college applications and financial aid forms might make interesting reading. Real journalists should keep digging because that is the job. Nixon's people sent Jack Anderson the schedule when they put the trash out on the curb.

(Who thinks that if Obama is forced out Biden must go too)
My reading is different. Let's explore this for fun.

Ever since the XIIth Amendment the POTUS and VPOTUS are elected on separate ballots, even if they campaign on a ticket. Remember the popular vote is really just an opinion poll and the Electoral College, which I want to see strengthened and not abolished, is what counts.

If Obama was ineligible then his EC ballots are void. In that case the largest number of valid ballots that were opened before the Congress would determine the President. Those ballots would then have had the name of John McCain on them. As I see it the status of Mr Biden is a separate issue. He is indisputably constitutionally qualified for his office and he did receive the largest number of valid votes for that office. So we could get a President McCain and a Vice President Biden.

If was proved that Mr Biden was aware before the election that Mr Obama was ineligible and he participated in a conspiracy then that could be grounds to remove him. Otherwise he could either be allowed to complete his term with some dignity as part of a political compromise or be induced to resign so that a replacement could be named under the terms of the XXVth Amendment.

Curiously the Impeachment of a Vice President would pose an interesting problem. This has never happened but if it did under the Constitution he would apparently preside over his own trial in the Senate.

Perhaps Mr Biden could be induced to recuse himself so that the President protempore could perform that duty. That position is currently held by Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii. It may be possible for theatricality to get Strom Thurmond to perform the role with the assistance of a Medium.

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