Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Comment on Rick Moore's Facebook:
Dems Fight to Save Planned Parenthood


Dems Fight to Save Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, PBS/NPR, Dept of Ed, etc. are institutional sources of organization and funding, both are critical, for the Democratic Party. That is reason enough to defund them. If they performed an essential task, and they don't, then it could be supported through other means. At a basic Constitutional level no function that is not needed to carry out an enumerated power should be funded by the federal government. If the States want it then they can pay for it. The Fed can support targeted education programs for the Military and targeted Health Care programs for Veterans, Indians, the Military and Merchant Seamen. There is a very limited Federal role in providing information to a domestic audience, providing that it is both apolitical and does not compete with any private business. The government should produce propaganda for distribution to foreigners. Public Affairs activity to support policy or assist citizens in using the government should be very carefully controlled.

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