Monday, February 21, 2011

Comments on Michael Yon's Facebook:
Pakistani Journalists: Sitcom Writers

Pakistani... (1)

Pakistanis live in a world where they are surrounded by super secret and super smart foes, Jews, Americans & Hindus who are everywhere and can perform miracles. Faced with such powers the desperate Islamists will do anything, except lead a nice quiet peaceful productive life and stay out of trouble.

The arguments about Mr Davis carrying a gun or questioning what he was doing there are red herrings. He was accredited, he was on the diplomatic list, the Pakistani government had admitted and accepted him. If they found him objectionable then they could have declared him persona non grata or asked for his removal. He had immunity and is protected under the Vienna Treaty. Full Stop.. The United States and India are watching and evaluating Pakistan's ability to honor its obligations and retain the rule of law. The weaker our assurance on that the more the presence of nuclear weapons in Pakistan, the security of which cannot under these circumstances cannot be taken for granted, becomes a liability and a possible impetus for a preemptive act to secure them.

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