Friday, February 18, 2011

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Latest Pentagon Brainstorm: Nuke-Powered War Bases

Latest Pentagon Brainstorm: Nuke-Powered War Bases | Danger Room |

No huge cooling towers, your imagery like your understanding of technology is antiquated. These plants are based on submarine propulsion designs which have been dramatically improved in recent years. The visionaries of the 1950s and '60s were simply ahead of their times. Soon we will be able to build a thousand small sealed modular reactors. Not only will military bases become more secure, with the costs and risks of logistical support dramatically reduced but other uses will have even greater military and economic effects. Merchant shipping costs will fall when ships are powered by these systems, that use a small crew. Enron and Russian style manipulation of energy commodities and resulting political instability, will become a thing of the past. These will even be able to generate heat for shale cracking and extracting operations that will result in a quantum increase in the supply of petrochemicals. The dependence on Islamic or Marxist (Chavez) controlled oil will end. Right now the cost is about $50 million per unit. When that comes down, and it will, to $10 million or less then prosperity and power will flow back to the wealth generating societies of the West. We have been suffering from Peak Totalitarianism and it has been a near thing but the tide is turning. If you are a betting man put your money on America.

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