Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Falls

The Shanghai Cooperative Organization now rules.
The are now only two only ways for any politician to survive in power.
1. Total surrender and hope for support as a functionary of the SCO.
2. Massive violence against all possible enemies and isolation.

Expect the total isolation of Israel and the US and streets to run with the blood of opposition groups and intellectuals everywhere. We hear much about the army in Egypt as a pro-US force for stability. Was anything different said about the army in Iran in 1979?

Thousands of rockets will be launched from Gaza. Tens of thousands of missiles will be launched from Lebanon. Jordan will fall and thousands of rockets and mortars will be fired against Israel from the West Bank. This will be a death struggle.

Expect allies of America from Columbia to Iraq to Afghanistan to make pilgimage to Beijing and beg for their lives. Expect blood.

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