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On Andrew Malcom, Top of the Ticket, LA Times:
CNN's Candy Crowley somewhat surprised by Donald Rumsfeld's ignorance of Obama's good global image

CNN's Candy Crowley somewhat surprised by Donald Rumsfeld's ignorance of Obama's good global image | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times

Mr Malcom includes an extensive collection illustrating the respect and esteem that Mr Obama has generated around the world. A selection from the article illustrates the master demonstrating his skill at handling the pretentious that I for one miss.
Obama's "supporters," said Crowley, "say that in two years he has been able to return this country to a status of being liked across the world in a way that America was not liked during the Bush administration.

"That he has once again made America a beacon."

The trouble for Crowley Sunday was that she was interviewing Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld knows a little something about the world after being a military pilot, corporate executive, congressman, White House aide, Washington power-player and media adversary, as well as secretary of Defense during many of those Bush years.

"Do you agree with that?" she asked Rumsfeld with a straight face.

"Do you think that -- that the U.S. is now looked at much differently than it was and much more positively than it was during your tenure?"

Rumsfeld is promoting his memoirs, "Known and Unknown," and has been doing nonstop media appearances trying to sell as many copies as possible because he's donated all proceeds to benefit military families.

Referring to Obama, he told Crowley, "No. And I don't think there's data that support that.

"I think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for America. I personally am proud of America."

Crowley seemed surprised at Rumsfeld's ignorance about Obama's powerful positive public image abroad.

She stated: "Well, he seems to be quite popular overseas in a way that President Bush was not. The streets aren't full of people burning him in effigy."

She continued: "There does seem to be a new -- a chance to look at America in a different way than it did during the Bush administration. You don't think that's true?"

Rumsfeld replied: "I don't think that's true and I don't think that there's data that would support that."

Crowley didn't need any data. She persisted: "Even though the streets look differently?"

As you might expect from some stubborn Republican, Rumsfeld stuck to his guns: "I just don't think it's correct."
Now for my two cents worth. Mr Rumsfeld should have looked at Ms Crowley and asked her "You believe that be true, exactly why?" and then asked her, "Where have you traveled to outside of the United States and in what capacity?" The following is from her wiki;
Crowley was born in Michigan. She attended Principia College in Illinois and received her undergraduate degree from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, Virginia, majoring in English. Crowley started her career with radio station WASH-FM in Washington, D.C. as a newsroom assistant. She moved from NBC to CNN in 1987. Crowley is known to be off-camera friends with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.[citation needed] Crowley was featured twice on the 10th anniversary edition of the popular game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2009 as the expert for the "Ask the Expert" lifeline.
Given what we know about Mr Anderson the statement she is his friend can be taken to mean what you wish. Her qualifications are unimpressive at best and indicate no knowledge of international affairs or of any other functional, as opposed to political, policy issue. She appears to be someone who has advanced solely based on her aggressiveness and grievance mongering and a skill in bureaucratic political intrigue. Given his experience in the Pentagon Mr Rumsfeld can probably appreciate that but he can also puncture it as an empty balloon.

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