Friday, February 18, 2011

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If Qaddafi Isn’t Safe, No One Is Safe

Michael Totten » If Qaddafi Isn’t Safe, No One Is Safe

My take is that Ghaddafi is the Arab version of Jesse Jackson now, only crazier and with guns. He is overage and an embarrassment, now easily lampooned for inspiring Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga parties. Liberals can quietly wish for a freer society. Anyone with an education knows that the relative wealth is merely a partial allotment from a largely misspent and inevitably declining oil revenue stream. Libya is ill positioned to face the future without oil and has no friends if real, as opposed to imagined Yankee, Imperialists press them. Conservatives can only be repelled by Ghaddafi with his all girl Praetorian Guard he cavorts with. At this point the differences between Ghaddafi and King Farouk are that the Egyptian King had a brilliant youth and a good education, and better taste in clothes during his decline. Those few old enough to remember might think well of the family of the deposed King Idris and his Senussi sect.

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