Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comment on The Other McCain:
The Blog Genie Is Out of the Bottle

The Blog Genie Is Out of the Bottle : The Other McCain

"... every man is his own Pinch Sulzberger"
There is a cringe worthy line to regret.

Those who are just shock troops and hate mongers will read. correction pass over. a thoughtful essay like this and hunt for evidence that your blog is all mindless red meat drivel, because the NY Times want it that way. Really I suspect that Breitbart feeds them one liners out of a sense of kindness, like tossing biscuits to a puppy.

Once on "All In The Family" the resolutely left wing Carroll O'Connor playing Archie Bunker simply could not understand his Black, or at that time African-American, neighbor explaining that he was an engineering student. As soon as the neighbor shifted to jive talk Archie's hearing improved. Pinch Sulzberger cannot comprehend reasoned logical journalism that does not depend on his imprimatur.

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