Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comment on CDR Salamander, USNI Blog:
Air & Space Museum, or National Aquarium?

Air & Space Museum, or National Aquarium? | USNI Blog

(Cross posted at CDR Salamander: "Don't Know Much About History")

My concern is that under the present government the Europeanization of America will proceed to the point where we may end up with a museum and no Navy. Just as Left wing groups ensconced themselves in San Francisco's Presidio in a display of triumphalism reminiscent of the transformation of Hagia Sofia into a mosque or the Dahlem Ethnographic Musuem is based on the Nazi's intent to collect mementos of peoples they eliminated, there are people who want to see the military remembered as a quaint harmless historical relic.

Museums and ceremonial units may be tolerated by the intolerant but only if they are seen as non-threatening. That means the less functional they are the more they may be accepted. Effective communications are seen as very threatening. In NYC on the West Side of Manhattan the Intrepid Air-Sea & Space Museum is opposed by the local Community Board, because it does not meet their agenda.

The Navy is shrinking to be less than a Coast Guard while the world explodes. Right now the South coast of the Mediterranean is on fire from Morocco to Egypt and Americans are trapped in Libya. We knew, or should have known, this was coming for weeks. There is exactly one tin can available in the Med. The nearest CVBG's are off to deal with Somalia. There is nothing, neither a Battle Group nor a Marine afloat force closer than Virginia. The State Department has been tasking Laurel and Hardy to rent a ferry. Our EU Nato allies stare South at the possibility of millions of Islamist refugees heading their way with blind panic.

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