Sunday, February 07, 2010

Yanukovych Leading

(fm the BC thread "Tiny bubbles")

The Russians are taking it for granted that the Ukrainians will go quietly back into the fold. Russia is a country that has its hands full with Chechnya, a place smaller than New Jersey and with a quarter the population. That is fewer people than Maine. If the "Little Russians" start logging shells at the ships in Sevastopol or otherwise committing mayhem this could unravel very quickly. Putin is building a ring of resentful neighbors both outside and now within his tent. Five years ago Russia was poised to become a normal nation with trade and energy resources and some post imperial issues to unravel. Now they are once again finding themselves surrounded by the enemies that they are creating.

Granted that the opposition to Stalin was in an impossible position but that does not excuse cooperation with the Nazis. If the Ukrainian nationalists had established themselves as genuine partisans fighting the invaders they might have established stronger roots among the people.

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