Sunday, February 07, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Regrets, I've had a few"

guys, gals, guns, guitars and gin

The perfect pitch. Let's make a movie.

San Magoo was an amazing concoction. No two bottles were the same, it's alive.

For the sophisticates there was Tiger Beer. Wonder if it was connected to the ubiquitous Tiger Balm quack nostrum? Some of the musicians in Olongapao were very good.

Marx did have a genuinely good idea in his contribution to 19th Century Psychology of the concept of Alienation. His suggested causes were dubious and his solutions were toxic but the condition itself exists. Durkhiem's refinement in his theory of Anomie refuted the Marxist claptrap and showed how increasing local autonomy and individual responsibility is what is needed. That is the opposite of Marxist totalitarian collectivism.

Imagine what it would be like on the New York subway when the blind accordion player comes in if more people were carrying guns. You have not lived until you are in a crowded #4 train stopped for 20 minutes outside of Grand Central with the "Our Lady of Spain" wheezing at one end the tuneless blind violinist at the other, with both the Street Minister collecting to offer free sandwiches and the Acrobatic Youths who do back flips in the aisle clamoring to get in. Your average Mindanao bad guy wouldn't last a minute.

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