Monday, February 15, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Great Escape"

I don't make many mistakes, but when I do, it's a beaut!

- Fiorello LaGuardia

We don't make mistakes brings up an interesting search thread. Personally I suspect that it was chiseled in stone someplace in the Lubyanka or maybe at the University of East Anglia. Once at a Step II Grievance Hearing the presiding official of kangaroo court actually said to me "Truth is not a defense." The point of that approach is to convince the annoying grievant to just dry up and blow away. That is what petty tyrants always want to do, outlast you. They know that eventually things will fall apart. That is part of their faith, the belief that disaster is inevitable and improvement is irrational but that the can may be kicked down the road until the reckoning comes on someone else's watch.

Now there is a report that Senator Lautenberg suffered a fall at age 86. If a plague of frogs strikes Washington I think that might make the full set of ten. Just to be safe Keith Olberman and his admirers might just want to disconnect all electrical connections to their residences and only eat specially delivered prepared meals.

What the Republicans have to do if they regain power is to shut off the bolt holes that the Democrats have used for the last 60 years as safe places to perch while the electorate is given a chance to forget about their records in office. Think of it as the Tora Bora lesson. It isn't enough to see the enemy flee the battlefield. It is important to close off his escape routes and deny him his sanctuaries. In domestic politics that will mean changing the rules for charitable foundations and defunding the vast array of NGOs that both live off the government and agitate to set policy. I also believe that tort reform and the restriction of the vote in a federal election to people who do not derive the bulk of their income from the federal treasury will prevent the seditious tax eating cancer from coming back.

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