Sunday, February 21, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"A little incident in Mexico City"

These tapes of LBJ and Richard Russell are a real find. It isn't only "what you know for sure that just ain’t so” it is what there is to know that you do not know is out there or even what you know is out there but you are uncertain where. Knowledge may be created or located. We need our search functions. Once we have the search function working we have to worry about the integrity of how it operates. The people at the University of Virginia who will bowdlerize LBJ to spare the children of the future knowledge of his crudities are doing us no favor. The people at Google or the Wiki who pervert the data base to change the past in order to shape the future are like the agents of Minitrue in Nineteen Eighty-Four who poison the well of knowledge.

Was LBJ sincere in his claim that his motivation was to avoid a nuclear war that could lead to Orwell's dystopia? Russell may have had his own "little incident in Mexico City" or he might have believed that everyone did but be as unaware as any of us as to where to find the facts. Was the report itself accurate or was it, as this implies, pre-written by Hoover to be rubber stamped by pre-selected trained seals? If LBJ was perverting the course of justice to avoid a nuclear holocaust was he right to do so? Did the Warren Commission exculpate communist intervention and empower future subversion?

Perhaps the facts are as the Commission presented them. Perhaps the back and forth between LBJ and Russell mean no more than that Russell despised Earl Warren and this was how men of power dealt with each other.

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