Monday, February 01, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Natives Are Restless"

bogie wheel,
While I agree with you about Scott Brown and Federalism, I disagree with you about Dick Armey and the Tea Parties and "revolution." Armey is urging politicians to listen to and work with the people. That is a good thing. Most of us are seeking a restoration of constitutional government and the social and economic system that made America prosperous and safe. We are not seeking to tear it all down like the French did in the early 1790s. If we pry the Democrats from power then we can focus on legislative tools, and some constitutional reforms, that will prevent a seditious parasite class from placing us in jeopardy again. That will obviously start with tort reform and control over civil service unions. It does not necessitate violence or the suppression of civil liberties. The separate problems of illegal immigration and jihadist infiltration may not be solved peacefully.

Personally I am tired of hearing about Obama's "overwhelming" majority in 2008. If the lid gets peeled up enough to reveal a 3% fraud factor, especially in places like Ohio, and there is verification produced regarding the suspected $300,000,000 in illegal overseas money funneled to the Democratic campaign then the last shreds of legitimacy will fall from this administration. That will be as good as finding his college financial aide applications. Then things will get interesting.

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