Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Iranian punch"

a nuclear strike against Israel would devastate them as well

A desperate attempt at finding a rational interest when describing a Palestinian culture that glorifies the suicide bomber and has never managed to "miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

If these dudes are jokers, then who put the court jesters in charge of things?

After 13 months it is still not clear if Obama is in fact the principle actor or just one of many stooges. Who really gives the orders there? There is as much evidence for thinking that the head of the SEIU has been in charge or Emanuel really is the boss as there is for giving credit to Obama. Which is to say almost no evidence that is reliable at all.

My hope of the month for Iran is a revival of Zoroastrianism.

We may have found another reason for Obama's strangely solicitous behavior towards the Shi'ite regime, they both are obsessed with humiliating the British. Perhaps there is something in Obama's personality that is strongly attracted to the secret rebel, the conspirator and the gnostic subversive. He is an elitist who lives to undermine a stable or even unstable order. That is what he sought to do as a Community Organizer. Perhaps during his exposure to Islam he found himself drawn to the outcast community of the Shia. He may be a more complex character than we have given him credit for.

So will the Iranian leadership be gathered in a large public place with their most fanatical supporters and all the Western ambassadors ordered to stay away? That is interesting. Have they sent all family members out of the country and started destroying papers? To me the most poignant moment in Fail Safe was the Ambassador to Moscow on the telephone. For the love of God I think that to Barack Obama acting as presidential as Henry Fonda makes sense.

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