Saturday, February 06, 2010

Two Tweets

# RasmussenPoll
Bounce is gone... Obama total approval matches lowest yet at 44%... Approval Index back to pre-SOTU level... about 8 hours ago from web

# Scott Rasmussen RasmussenPoll
Obama: Strongly Approve 26% Strongly Disapprove 41%, Approval Index: -15... total approval 44%...

This may take the cake for the shortest bounce in history. It really is a spike on the chart. Prudence dictates waiting two more days to confirm the trend before throwing a party, but it is a cold night and for those who need an excuse before opening the anti-freeze this might do.

He touched -19 before the SOTU and when he crosses -20 things could get desperate. My hope is that the SECDEF and his Area and Type CINCS, contrary to popular belief command does not go through the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have lines of communication open to Congress and the VP to prevent any rash moves.

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