Thursday, February 04, 2010

Obama's Civility

(fm the BC thread "Covered with a tarp")

Salt Lick,
(who wished the Republicans at the Retreat had pressed Obama harder)

Well said. The same thing applies to his efforts to shut down any voice that dares to question him on any issue. Obama's remarks at the Prayer Breakfast were not an affirmation of his citizenship. They certainly were not a proper response to questions that have been raised. They were a flat effort to rule any questions directed at his fitness or eligibility as a breech of "civility" with the presumption that he is the arbiter of such a quality and that it would trump other qualities such as honesty and legality.

The correct reply to any such statement by any politician would be on the order of, "With all due respect that is not true. Any citizen has the right and indeed the duty to question you or any politician regarding a question that touches at the heart of our Constitutional government. Good men have died in the millions to defend that Constitution. We practice civility because we are civilized and we do so to the extent that it serves a free people to meet together and peacefully debate issues of governance. Mere form and rituals of courtesy that mask the pretensions of power we left with the Courts of European Kings. So answer the questions; did you ever claim to be a foreign national on a financial aide form to gain a benefit subsidized by the United States taxpayer and did you ever travel on a foreign passport after your 18th birthday? If you did then you may indeed be a citizen but I and many others would hold that you would then not be a Natural Born citizen and that you would be ineligible for the office that you now occupy."

Obama had a two year free run because he could paralyze any voice that dared to question him by having his lackeys scream racism. Reality has broken that shield for him and the repeated occasions of incompetence and abuse and bigotry by Obama and by his supporters have made it acceptable to question him on any issue of fact. He rose on the backs of Alinsky and Cloward and Pliven in a culture paralyzed by the relativist philosophy of Derrida and Foucault. It is fitting that he be deconstructed using their tactics.

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