Sunday, February 21, 2010

Systems Architecture

(fm the BC thread "Once in a Blue Moon")

I had thought that the reason that programmers are kept in an open pit workplace was to make life easier for the cleaning staff and also to make sure that no one was hording all the Jolt Cola™. Otherwise doesn't the guy in the locked office end up looking like this?

All in jest friends.

Subotai Bahadur,
Concur, people forget that Google images are not in real time. A coworker who had been out of the Air Force for about 4 years once killed time in the office by looking up his old address in Hawaii, and saw his old car parked outside. That fits in with my comment on the next thread about the accuracy of archived knowledge.

The wiki (cough cough) said there was one Canberra that flew at air shows for a museum in Australia and implied that some others may be available for private charter in England. Sounds like a remarkably successful aircraft.

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