Sunday, February 14, 2010


(fm the BC thread "The other kind of IED")

(who described her struggles with anorexia)
The following comes of course with no professional qualification.

To me the secret for a person with an eating disorder is to simply look, I mean really look, at the world outside. We spend a lot of time focusing on either our own problems or what seems dysfunctional in the world. The great thing about music, whether Country or Classical is that it is reminds us that the Universe is harmonious. If I ever feel something like Depression causing me to doubt my self worth, and times certainly are bad now and getting worse, I remember that I am part of something larger and that something is magnificent. Faith can be the avenue for many to appreciate the sheer beauty, order and complexity beyond our comprehension of the larger system we are part of. It is possible for people who are secular to approach this perspective also. Science when done right does that. Ms Bishop had contributed to understanding a portion of the greater complexity we are in and then she lashed out and destroyed it. Perhaps she had a crisis of her Faith.

When I see images of nature, hear great music, have a satisfying meal, or touch a woman I know that there is a vast and wonderful existence that I can experience. That knowledge makes me hungry to consume it. It makes for a tasty banquet.

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